Guia de Viagens Decanter

A Vinícola Guaspari foi destaque no especial Guia de Viagens da revista Decanter do mês de Outubro.

Na matéria, feita pela jornalista Amanda Barnes, a vinícola é citada como um dos melhores destinos da rota de vinhos do Brasil e da Serra da Mantiqueira. Confira o trecho da matéria:

“Serra da Mantiqueira: a winter wonderland of mountain wines.
Just a couple of hours away from the bustle of São Paulo lies the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range. It’s known for its oddly shaped araucaria trees, large volcanic rock faces, excellent climbing and paragliding, and for being surrounded by Brazil’s breadbasket of coffee and milk. But it isn’t the cows and coffee plants drawing in some of the country’s most sophisticated crowds for long weekends of imbibing in the Serra da Mantiqueira; rather it’s the growing wine route.
The foothills have become increasingly carpeted by vines and the wines of this mountain range are making waves in Brazil’s buzzing wine scene. Although much of the state of São Paulo and neighbouring Minas Gerais are too hot and tropical for decent wine production, the high-altitude slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains offer cooler temperatures and have become home to Brazil’s highest altitude vineyards.
Visit Entre Vilas (, where Rodrigo Veraldi, a slow-food enthusiast and avid fruit grower, has one of Brazil’s highest altitude vineyards – at 1,600m – along with a restaurant and wine lodge. To mitigate the effect of the heavy summer rains, he pioneered the umbrella technique, erecting large plastic tunnels above the vines. These wine umbrellas enable healthy conditions for grape-growing, and his success has led to a boom in juicy, fragrant, light red and white wines in the region, with several other growers copying him.
It’s a different viticultural innovation, though, that’s leading the wine renaissance in Serra da Mantiqueira: the winter harvest. By double pruning, producers move the vine’s growth cycle so that harvest comes in the dry, sunny and cool winter rather than the hot, humid summer.
Some of the main disciples of winter harvest wines have beautiful estates that you can visit to taste the fruits of their labour. From the homely welcome and outdoor tasting terrace at Casa Verrone ( br) to the live music lounge and restaurant at Villa Santa Maria (see above), and the rolling estate and colonial mansion of Guaspari (www., there are plenty of wineries to pass through in Serra da Mantiqueira. The region is best enjoyed during the winter, with its sunny, balmy days and cool, starry nights.”

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Uvas Vinícola Guaspari Uvas Vinícola Guaspari